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USA Mobile Marketing NewsIs the USA leading the mobile marketing revolution?  Thats a tough question to answer.

Its pretty obvious that the United States and US companies are creating most of the technology and innovation in the mobile marketing space.  New mobile marketing technologies are evolving from more US based companies that any other part of the world.

The US economy has almost always lead the way into new technologies and mobile marketing is also the case.  How long can the USA lead the way in mobile?

As a small business owner, you need to keep learning about mobile marketing and make that important determination if and when you will initiate your own mobile marketing strategy. Continue Reading

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Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Small Business Mobile Marketing Strategies

Do you have a small business that is struggling? Does your small business marketing strategy include SMS mobile marketing? SMS marketing is one of the newest and fastest growing forms of marketing. Small businesses have learned how cost effective and useful SMS marketing can be.

Through SMS marketing you’re able to reach your general public in real time. You get to choose who you want to market to, at what times, and over what events. Since it doesn’t cost you anything to change what you are sending out, you’re more likely to send out multiple types of concepts to multiple types of people. Continue Reading

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Personal Trainers are using Text Marketing

Text Message Marketing for FitnessOut of that chair and on your feet, coach! The world of personal trainer marketing is changing as just as fast as technology itself, and getting your name out there is a never-ending marathon; that said, for even the most techno-squeamish personal trainer, marketing with today’s newest media is easier than ever.


Text message marketing, part of the mobile marketing paradigm, is a simple high-return approach to customer interaction. Services exist today that distill bulk text marketing into an intuitive web interface, and tend to offer very reasonable pricing – even low-volume, feature-rich plans charge mere pennies per message. Continue Reading

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Small Business Mobile Apps

Small Business Mobile Apps: How to Build Mobile Apps

The mobile application market is experiencing tremendous growth, and small business mobile apps are no exception. Along with growth in the mobile app industry has come growth of low-cost alternatives to mobile app development. Even if you’re a small business looking to expand via a mobile application, there are great ways to go about getting one that won’t break the bank.

Small Businesses that are taking advantage of Mobile Apps

  • Restaurants
  • Salons & Spas
  • Nightclubs & Bars
  • Golf Courses
  • Retail Stores
  • Realtors
  • Healthcare Organizations

Not every business requires a lot of functionality in its mobile app, especially for a first launch. Continue Reading

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Retail Stores Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Retail Mobile Phone Marketing StrategiesRetailers know better than anyone the value of good marketing. Staying ahead of the competition in advertising and promotion has always been the game of good business, and learning to adapt new technologies and trends is a long-term necessity. Now, with the advent of mobile phones and wireless tablets, the retail industry is ready for yet another paradigm shift: Mobile Marketing.

For retail, mobile marketing means putting store and product names in the palm of the public’s hand. Mobile coupons are a perfect fit for retailers It means synthesizing QR codes and mobile promotions into standing marketing strategies. Continue Reading

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