Does Your Health Club Marketing Plan Include SMS Marketing?

by Michael Armstrong

fitness mobile strategyA health club marketing plan which includes SMS marketing benefits from increased client communication, engagement and satisfaction. How is this possible? Health Club and Gym SMS marketing is an effective communication tool, offering direct communication between you and your clients at a fraction of the cost of other methods, with increased reliability as well.

Why HealthClub Mobile Marketing?

SMS messages go out any time of day and reach your intended audience no matter where they are. Unlike emails or flyers, SMS messages go directly into your client’s hand. Because text messages are limited in length, they must be concise and to the point. As a result, their meaning is usually clear, and is received and responded to quickly. Any information you feel is important for your clients to know can go out via text message, and you can feel confident that the message reaches its target.

There are a number of ways in which health clubs benefit from SMS marketing. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Gaining new members is paramount for health club owners. text message marketing can help you increase your membership numbers, as well as keep in contact with them afterwards. With health club mobile coupons, you can easily send incentives to customers to entice them to sign up. For example, ask customers to sign up for a month’s membership, and offer a second month free for those who do. You can also offer a discount on monthly fees for those existing members who bring in a friend who also becomes a member.
  • To entice existing clients to opt in to receive future text messages from you, establish a VIP club for members who give you their cell numbers. The VIP club should extend the members benefits that other clients do not receive, such as discounts on fees, special VIP club classes and other rewards.
  • healthclub SMSOne problem at health clubs and gyms is lack of bodies to fill classes. Combat this problem by using SMS marketing to inform clients about upcoming class offerings, even allowing them the option to reserve a spot via text. Once they have reserved a spot, SMS reminders are effective at helping them remember to show up, or to cancel their spot if something comes up. Last minute cancellations in any class can go out via text, offering a discount to anyone who wants to come in and fill the spot.
  • Membership fees are a continuing hassle, especially when you have to make phone calls to clients who do not seem to pay them on time.  Healthclub SMS reminders make it easier to remind your clients of upcoming fees that are due, and save you time that you do not have to spend making phone calls. Send reminders one month before it is time to renew a yearly membership and then again two weeks before. This effectively cuts down on the numbers of late payments. Whenever there is need for an adjustment in the fee rate, you can use SMS messaging to notify your clients well in advance so they can plan for the increase.

SMS marketing is not hard to begin. With an SMS marketer and easy to use SMS software from Trumpia, it is easy to implement a healthclub SMS strategy that will help build your health club business and keep your clients more engaged and informed.

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