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Best Mobile Website Builders

Mobile Website Reseller Program ReviewBuilding mobile websites is an excellent way to make money.  With over 220 million Americans using cell phones, businesses need a mobile website to stay competitive.

We have reviewed over thirty companies and found the best mobile website builders that you can use to expand your business and start offering mobile website design services today.

Starting a Mobile Website Business

If you want to start offering mobile website design services, the last thing you should do it build your own mobile CMS platform to deliver the services.

There are several top mobile website builder service providers that can deliver to you a mobile CMS platform so you can get your new mobile website business up and running quickly and at an affordable cost.  Enjoy our Mobile CMS Reviews.

The top four companies from our mobile website design reviews are:

  • piJnz
  • Dudamobile  
  • Octomobi

Below are our TOP Recommended Mobile Website Reseller Programs

piJnz Reseller Program Review

piJnzpiJnz offers a 100% true white label mobile website builder program.  They can place your branding on everything from sales material, websites, mobile sites, slideshows and presentation videos.  Additionally they have exceptional tech support and can brand your site so that your clients can login and update information or check analytics as needed – all while seeing your companies information.

piJnz Review Video

Top features of piJnz are:

  • M-commerce
  • Mobile coupons
  • Custom mobile forms
  • Integration with Constant Contact and more
  • Lead generation
  • QR code generator
  • Videos

Why piJnz: With piJnz you have options and control.  With a CMS platform professional designers have the tools and flexibility needed to create custom mobile websites that pop.

piJnz for Resellers:  With branded marketing, video demonstrations and tech support, the 100% white label program by piJnz offers companies an opportunity to generate revenue selling mobile websites while appearing that they created the software.

Pijnz Reseller Program Learn More

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DudaMobile’s Reseller Program Review

Dudamobile Reseller Program Learn MoreWorking with DudaMobile is easy.  They have a one-click solution that makes transforming a traditional website into mobile friendly versions instantaneous. Their reseller program is a hybrid of a traditional reseller program and a white label program.  The customer preview screen is branded with your information so from the clients perspective the mobile website was built solely by your company.  On the back end it still has DudaMobile’s information. For selling purposes this hybrid solution works well and you can create mobile websites quickly, making DudaMobile an ideal mobile website reseller solution.

Dudamobile Video

Some of Dudamobile’s best features are:

  • SEO optimized mobile sites
  • Lightening fast, one-click solution
  • Graphic rich templates
  • Click for Directions so customers never get lost
  • Compatible with WordPress
  • Click to Call so customers can easily reach you
  • Synching with the normal website so edits only happen once

Why DudaMobile: They have an awesome preview tool that lets you show clients the draft of their mobile website from any smart phone with your branding on the page.  It’s a fantastic sales tool.

What they offer: They have solutions that are so easy and fast, you can transform a traditional website to mobile friendly versions in a matter of minutes.  Their templates are graphic rich and will impress your customers.

Dudamobile Reseller Program Learn More

 (Click Above 100% Free Access to Trial) Reseller, Agency, and White Label Program Review

Mobisit Reseller Program Learn is Different: The mobile CMS platform offers the most design flexibility because it is a true Mobile CMS solution.  It is easy to use like the other companies but with greater control for web designers.  They also have the most flexibility in working with resellers due to multiple program offerings.  With you can be a traditional reseller, agency client, or have a white label created specifically for you.  With each option you can sell mobile website design services and impress customers with highly functional mobile websites.

Mobisit Video Review

A CMS platform offers high flexibility and design controls with features like:

  • Online documents for customers to download
  • QR codes – create them and track results
  • Questionnaire and polls
  • E-commerce solution (essential for any business taking payments online)
  • Google Analytics to keep track of traffic and other statistics
  • Video Integration
  • Dashboard for easy access
  •  Easy to update and edit websites with no limits on editing
  • Free to start

Working with With multiple programs to choose from you can structure how you work with  Their Mobile CMS platform is easy to use and produces high quality mobile websites. Trial: The best way to explore is to design and build your own mobile websites.  They have a free 21 day trial so login and explore all of their features.

Mobisit Reseller Program Learn More

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Octomobi Reseller Program Review

OctoMobi Review Build Free Mobile SiteOctomobi keeps it simple.  They have feature rich, social media compatible mobile website templates that are easy to use.  Resellers looking to make money offering mobile website design services can sign up with Octomobi and get started right away.  There are not complicated steps to go through, simply sign up and start selling.

Octomobi Video

Here are some of the best features through Octomobi:

  • RSS feed integration, including Twitter
  • Use your personal domain
  • Google Analytics
  • Video integration with YouTube
  • Cloud hosting
  • Social Media integration
  • Image Gallery
  • QR Codes  

Why Octomobi: Social media.  Businesses are looking for solutions that integrate.  Octomobi’s mobile website design builder lets you place Twitter feeds directly on the mobile site, making it ideal for businesses expanding their overall online presence.

What they offering: This mobile website reseller program is easy to use and you can start selling right away.  Their feature rich templates will impress your clients.

OctoMobi Reseller Program Learn More

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Mobile Website Builder Reseller Programs

Mobile websites are in high demand.  The mobile website design reseller programs offered by piJnz, Octomobi, DudaMobile and make it easy to start selling mobile website design services, generate revenue and expand your client base today.

How to Start a Mobile Website Business

  • We have done most of the work for you by identifying the Best Mobile Website Reseller Programs.
  • Use the Links Above to Sign Up for Each Reseller Program as a Free Trial Account.
  • Review their mobile website builder platform for yourself.
  • Only you are the one to choose the best mobile website reseller program that will fit your needs.
  • Get your Mobile Marketing Services off the ground to take advantage of the growth of mobile marketing!

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Mark Challinor December 27, 2012 at 8:39 am

You have certainly made our job easier.We were looking to develop a mobile website for our business.But we were not sure of the best service providers available in the market today that can help us and also get the great features.Thank you very much for this wonderful review!

Michael Armstrong December 31, 2012 at 3:42 pm

Mark, Im glad you liked my post. There are quite a few mobile website builders out there so choosing one can be touch. We reviewed each mobile website reseller program and we stand behind our top recommendations!

Carrie March 20, 2013 at 10:50 am

I suppose it’s ultimately most beneficial if your site is completely compatible with mobile devices across the platforms. But I have also seen certain Word Press themes which come with a link in the main top navigation menu to the mobile section of the website. This may give your website more dynamic capability for eye catching presentations, but a mobile user has to click on the mobile link. It’s a matter of preference, I guess.

Michael Armstrong March 20, 2013 at 3:09 pm

Carrie – There are a few ways to redirect mobile traffic to your mobile website. The most popular way is to use what they call “User Agents” in the form of a “Redirect Script”. This looks at each visitor and if they are coming from a mobile phone or tablet, they automatically get redirected to the mobile version of your website.

You will see that all the mobile website reseller programs provide you with redirect scripts to use on the mobile sites you create.

Carl April 3, 2013 at 10:00 am

Michael, thank you for explaining to Carrie about the redirect scripts that are offered, I had some of the same concerns so when you explained it to her you helped me as well. Thank you for leaving the comments out on your blog and taking the time to actual respond to them. You have a great post here and it has a lot of great information.

Doris April 4, 2013 at 12:44 pm

It wasn’t too long ago that print marketing was considered the best marketing method for a business, but the rises of mobile phone users has changed all that. In this landscape, mobile websites are really a requirement for businesses. We have been considering starting a mobile website builder company. Thanks for your mobile reseller reviews. They were very helpful.

Michael Armstrong April 4, 2013 at 1:44 pm

Doris – Most small businesses dont have a mobile website so there is quite a large need for more mobile website resellers to go out and sell this service to the small business community.

We have tested and reviewed most of the mobile website reseller platforms and Pijnz, Dudamobile, Octomobi and Mobisit are our TOP Recommendations. Go ahead and sign up for their free trials or you can click the links in the post above and contact the companies for a demo of their platform.