Personal Trainer Text Marketing Ideas

by Michael Armstrong

Personal Trainers are using Text Marketing

Text Message Marketing for FitnessOut of that chair and on your feet, coach! The world of personal trainer marketing is changing as just as fast as technology itself, and getting your name out there is a never-ending marathon; that said, for even the most techno-squeamish personal trainer, marketing with today’s newest media is easier than ever.


Text message marketing, part of the mobile marketing paradigm, is a simple high-return approach to customer interaction. Services exist today that distill bulk text marketing into an intuitive web interface, and tend to offer very reasonable pricing – even low-volume, feature-rich plans charge mere pennies per message. Plus, consider that the majority of text messages are received and read within fifteen minutes; compare that to the very small rate of reception for e-mail and many other methods.

Of course, you’re probably wondering, “what exactly can I do with text message marketing?” Well, here’s a few ideas:

Announcing Classes and Special Offers

Since text messaging is cheap and instant, it’s perfect for informing your clients of special deals. One of the most challenging parts of personal trainer marketing – especially since it may be just yourself or a few close associates – is getting the word out about the services that you offer. With bulk text messaging, you need only write a single message – whether promoting new group classes or announcing special deals.

Healthy Eating and Living Advice

Personal trainer marketing is more than just a matter of business – it’s about making a difference in the lives of your clients, and being someone memorable to them. A long term client, and one who gives good word-of-mouth, is one who feels you’ve managed to do just that for; so, why not let bulk text marketing methods help you?

Text messages are direct and personal, and can be applied to a variety of non-promotional uses. For instance, use them to share your knowledge and experience through regular text-out tips for healthy eating and fit living. Short advice blurbs are easy to write, simple to send to your clients, and are a great way to help them even outside of your scheduled sessions.

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Goal Encouragement and Workout Tips

A little organization can go a long way: by sorting users based on what services you provide them, you can use custom contact lists through your bulk text provider to address those groups – even addressing individuals as needed. With this, you can send workout tips to your clients based on what elements of fitness they’re working on and at what level of intensity. It’s also great for sending the same clients encouraging messages for their goals.

It’s easy to see how what a bulk text plan can do for a personal trainer marketing strategy, but how do you go about setting up such a thing? Luckily, services like Trumpia make it as simple as opening your browser.

Trumpia allows anyone – from techno-novice to aged computer wizard – to set up contact lists and send out text messages to any number of users, all from a simple and intuitive interface. With it, you can even branch into other electronic marketing methods, such as e-mail and instant messaging, to keep in constant contact with your client base. What’s even sweeter is that Trumpia offers a free trial including a generous budget of text messaging credits, and regular plans start at only $25 per month!


Marketing is an active and ever-growing world; keeping up with new training techniques is vital to giving your clients the experience they deserve, and just the same, employing the latest personal trainer marketing methods is important necessary for engaging your clients and spreading the word about your business. Don’t settle for middle of the ranking; finish first in the race to success with mobile marketing.


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