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Real Estate Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile Marketing for Realtors A real estate marketing plan that includes mobile marketing strategies is a must in today’s world. With the growing use of technology in our society, real estate agents have had to either adapt, or face the risk of falling behind, especially in a tougher housing economy.


Using mobile marketing for real estate can help agents attract new clients, communicate with existing clients, and market properties to more potential buyers. Mobile marketing allows agents to contact their clients more efficiently. One way they accomplish this is with QR codes, or quick response codes.

A QR code lets potential buyers quickly see pictures and other important information on properties that they are interested in. They don’t have to wait to talk to you first, so QR codes give an immediate response whenever a client wants one.

Clients who are able to see pictures before going out and looking at properties in person are able to narrow down their choices before going out, saving you time showing them properties they would not have wanted to see had they seen pictures of it first. With QR codes, agents do not need to worry about losing business leads because of times they are unavailable, because the codes can be listed on signs, billboards, mailers and posters, in a sense allowing agents to be in many different places at one time.

If your looking for a QR code marketing strategy for your real estate agency, take a look at Trumpia.

The basic idea behind most marketing plans is that convenience sells. The more convenient a product, the more apt a consumer is going to be to buy into it. This also extends to real estate. It’s a fact that many people who are looking for homes, especially luxury homes, have a limited amount of time to be out driving around looking.

Mobile marketing is convenient, because it gives house hunters more time to search for homes without spending the time driving around looking for them. A mobile website lets buyers search for available properties no matter where they are—at home, the office, or on the go. Selling luxury homes via mobile marketing is also more convenient for realtors.

Placing a QR code that links interested buyers to your website in high-end magazines or websites helps luxury home buyers find you.

Any realtor marketing plan takes into account that the bigger the customer base, the more success you will have. In real estate marketing plans, having a large client base means greater opportunity for finding the right buyer, as well as more homes to sell. Most people are going to choose a real estate agent who is convenient and accessible, so a mobile marketing plan gives you the edge on both. SMS marketing alone means clients can be reached, and can also reach you at whatever time is convenient, and they can do it wherever you may be.

Real Esate Mobile Marketing Training Free

One client in real estate can lead to more clients. SMS marketing accentuates this fact by giving your satisfied clients the opportunity to conveniently forward your information or information on your available properties via text message. Text messages travel even faster than word of mouth and can quickly gain you more business.  You can also check our our EZ Texting Reviews.

Selling real estate has changed with the times, because real estate agents have to more technologically savvy. Mobile marketing gives real estate agents all the tools they need to market more properties to more and more people.


United States Mobile Marketing is taking off in popularity.  Real Estate Agents all over the United States in cities like New York, San Francisco, Houston and Miami need to research mobile marketing strategies like:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Phone Advertising

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Bill Rinehart December 22, 2012 at 9:48 pm

Nothing beats visiting and checking out the site and looking at the property itself before buying. For buyers more value would be that they would be being able to check what options are available at their budget. Also QR codes could be posted in front of properties and potential buyers might check it out from their phones while they might be driving through.