Real Estate Mobile Marketing, Why Realtors Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

real estate marketingReal estate mobile marketing isn’t the future of real estate marketing, it’s the NOW.  How many leads are lost because your real estate sign ran out of flyers?  Exactly how many people have driven by that property on Elm street, and had no idea about the fantastic finished basement beneath it?  How can we know who is interested in a property if we never hear from them or see them?

Having a phone number listed on a sign is not enough anymore.  We need a way to connect with potential buyers and sellers in real time and in a less passive way.  What if we could send text messages to people who are in the market for a home?  What if we could provide property information to people while they are driving by a property?What if we could know what they are looking for and when they were looking at one of our properties?

Real estate brokers and property managers can increase their effectiveness significantly if they take advantage of the incredible potential of mobile marketing for realtors.

Real estate mobile marketing taps into the extreme popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices.  The experts at Morgan Stanley project that smartphone sales will outpace computer sales in 2012.Merrill Lynch further projects that mobile phones will be the most common web access device by 2014, even greater than regular computers.

With all those devices available, we have seen a proliferation of mobile marketing companies and mobile marketing services available to help us connect with the users.  Some of these services are specific to the real estate industry and savvy brokers and property managers can find new clients and solid leads through real estate mobile marketing.

rea-estate-SMS- MarketingMobile phone marketing for realtors utilizes mobile apps, QR codes, and other mobile marketing software to engage with prospective home buyers and sellers.  For example, a QR code on your sign can provide important basic information about a home you are representing such as number of bedrooms, square footage, and asking price.

More importantly, they can get your contact information on their mobile device.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a virtual crystal ball to show you who is really interested in a property and who is window shopping?  Real estate mobile marketing takes advantage of these new tools to connect with buyers who are in the market.

Developing a real estate mobile marketing strategy puts you in position to realize growth that simply will not come through traditional means.  The ceiling for mobile phone marketing for realtors is unknown, while realtors have long been looking for new ways to find and reach potential clients beyond the normal, overdone methods.

A simple search for real estate mobile marketing will put you in touch with the companies and services that can significantly impact your business.  They will help you develop a strategy, put it into practice, and understand how to connect with our mobile world to help people find a place to call home.  After all, we may be connected through mobile devices, but we need a place to disconnect, too.


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