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by Michael Armstrong

Retail Stores Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Retail Mobile Phone Marketing StrategiesRetailers know better than anyone the value of good marketing. Staying ahead of the competition in advertising and promotion has always been the game of good business, and learning to adapt new technologies and trends is a long-term necessity. Now, with the advent of mobile phones and wireless tablets, the retail industry is ready for yet another paradigm shift: Mobile Marketing.

For retail, mobile marketing means putting store and product names in the palm of the public’s hand. Mobile coupons are a perfect fit for retailers It means synthesizing QR codes and mobile promotions into standing marketing strategies.

It means using mobile web presence and customized applications to engage the consumer – and for many fields of retail, SMS marketing to keep their attention and even develop loyalty for your business.

Let’s start with the basics: web presence. Roughly one fifth of all web browsing today is done through mobile devices, and just as it became necessary in the early 2000’s for any retailer to be represented online, it is vital today for the same retailers to be easily accessible to mobile users.

This is doubly true for retailers who operate heavily or solely through online sales; accessibility and ease of use are deciding factors for many users. In developing a comprehensive retail mobile marketing strategy, some businesses like Amazon and Newegg have gone beyond the web interface, developing mobile apps to put their store right on their users’ SD cards.

Those with good foresight will also incorporate more traditional advertising methods into their retail mobile marketing framework: QR codes, for instance. These barcode-like glyphs are easy to identify, tend to pique smartphone users’ curiosity when cleverly placed, and can be read with any of a number of free apps to link users directly to the advertiser’s URL of choice.

QR codes have begun popping up in a multitude of places – flyers, billboards, and the bumper stickers on the company vans, just to name a few. Some stores have even begun including them near merchandise with many selling points (such as computers and electronic media) where promotional space is at a premium; by linking to the listing for an item on the seller’s website, a user can browse as much information on a product as they like – all at a minimal cost of space.

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Rounding out this overview, consider that there is significant value in retaining a customer’s interest once it’s been won. Retail SMS marketing (which is to say, text message-based advertising) just happens to shine in that regard. Current and prospective customers must first opt-in to a list of recipients, but once this is accomplished, the business in question gains a link to those individuals far more powerful than e-mail.

In addition to being nearly instant and very cost-efficient (at pennies or less per message), the majority of texts are opened and read within 15 minutes of being received. While this is a good method for distributing advertisements and announcing special offers, a clever promoter will find many more uses for it.

Text message coupons, for instance, are becoming a common part of the retail mobile marketing toolkit. Others will develop store loyalty and recognition through semi-innocent seasonal greetings, or by texting users coupons as birthday gifts (where that information is available.)

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All of this, of course, is just a taste of the new mobile paradigm. For the industry of retail, mobile marketing is still a growing creature; its specifics change as mobile technology evolves. Wise marketing specialists have long since taken note of this, and continue to watch it eagerly; so, if you’re hoping to keep your retail business ahead of the curve, shouldn’t you?



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