Upscale Restaurants are Using SMS Marketing

by Michael Armstrong

Does your Restaurant have an SMS Marketing Strategy?

SMS Marketing for RestaurantsIf you have noticed that some restaurants are receiving more business than you are, and you’re looking for the solution to your problem, you want to look into restaurant SMS marketing. Marketing for restaurants comes in lots of forms, but with text message marketing you’re able to reach your public immediately and share your daily deals and information. With bulk SMS marketing you’re going to save time and money and be able to bring in more business than you would otherwise be able to.


With restaurant SMS marketing, you’re going to be able to send out messages and inform your regulars of special events you’re hosting, and invite them to bring in new customers. You’ll also have the ability to advertise your restaurant directly to your potential clients to inform them of the great offers you have. With text message marketing, your ideas are limitless.

You can spread your wings and throw out ideas constantly that will bring in more business without costing you so much money. You are going to be able to advertise to your potential clients about your formal dinner that benefits charity, or your ‘meet and greet’ event that will allow new customers to come in and try simple platters that will show them a variety of your foods at a discount, so they’ll want to come back!

SMS marketing companies such as Tatango will help guide you on your journey to success. With their customer support team standing behind you 100% you’re going to get all of your questions answered, and feel confident in the understanding of the software. Text message marketing software may seem like it would be difficult, but with the right guidance, it will be the easiest transition you ever made.

SMS marketing software is going to allow you to have more freedom than other advertising methods and it will allow you to reach your public when you need to, not when you don’t.

Restaurant Mobile Marketing Strategy Training

Restaurant SMS marketing is not a trend it’s a new way to do business. Don’t expect this to disappear anytime soon. Much like TV advertisement and Radio advertisements, this is form of marketing is here to stay! There are so many incentives to mobile text marketing that you are not getting to experience until you give it a try.

You hold the key to your own success, and with the economy what it is, you need to market every way possible to make sure you have consistent business coming through your doors. Stop having to use the red ink to go through your books, feel confident in the fact that you’re making money every night. There’s no reason not to give text message marketing software a try.

Restaurant SMS marketing may be one of the newest ways to advertise, but it’s not a work in progress, it’s a progress in the works! You are able to send out mobile coupons to your favorite customers to make sure they come in tonight. If you’re accustomed to slow Tuesdays, get ready to be accustomed to busy ones.

Your options have no boundaries. The strategies you choose to utilize will determine your success. You have the power at your finger tips to make magic happen. Stop fearing the worst, go ahead, send out your first bulk text message and invite everyone in your contact list in, with a 10% off their bill coupon. You will be amazed with how much business you can bring in, with such little effort.



Mobile Marketing in the United States is taking off in popularity.  Restaurants all over the USA in cities like New York, San Francisco, Atlanta and Miami should start to look into mobile marketing strategies including:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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